LOW Cost, High quality Outreach Postcards

ECHT Printing


How it works

  • The Postcards: These cards are 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, full color on the front and blank on the back. Cost is per postcard plus shipping and handling (price list above). EDDM sized also available.
  • Ordering: Here's the procedure. Place your order here. Minimum order is 1000 postcards; order in increments of 500 after the initial 1000. DEADLINE: January 31, 2018. 
  • Finishing: The one-sided postcards will come to you 4-up, that is, four cards on a printer sheet that measures exactly 11"x17". This is the most cost effective way for you to print your information on the blank back. Take the sheets to a commercial printer who will print the backs with your church's information and cut the cards for you. Don't order based on sheets, but just on how many total postcards you want. 
  • Both Sides: For orders of 3000+ cards, we can print both sides for you. If you choose two-sided printing, we will provide a custom designed reverse. The cards will come cut and ready to mail. Cost is a total of 9.45 cents per card (includes color front, custom designed b/w back, cut) for orders of 3000+
  • Mailing services available: For churches ordering both sides printed, we can also offer optional mailing services to address, sort, and deliver your mailing.
  • Looking for EDDM cards? We have these available, just choose the EDDM card on the order screen. The EDDM cards will be 6.25" by 8.5" and will printed on both sides, finished and cut. 
  • Payment: After your cards are delivered, you will be invoiced for them. Please pay promptly. Late payments will incur a late charge.
  • No order cancellations after the deadline.


Any questions, contact us.