How it works

We have three options for size and finish of the postcards and a couple of different options to help you mail the postcards if you are interested. 


Single Sided • Minimum Order 1000


If you are on a tight budget and willing to do a little work yourself, this may be a good option for you. We will ship you cards that are printed full color with the E19 image on one side. The reverse will be blank. The cards will be left as press sheets, 4-up, as seen in the picture. The press sheets will be 11"x17". You could print the reverse side yourself, or take them to a local printer. Leaving them 4-up makes the printing more economical for you. Minimum order 1000 postcards (not press sheets).


both sides printed, custom reverse • minimum order 3000


For churches ordering 3000 cards or more we can print your custom reverse side. The cards will come to you cut and ready to mail. Our designers will work with you to create a reverse customized for your church that will match the US Postal Service regulations for bulk mail.

Two-side cards are available in standard size (5.5 by 8.5) or EDDM size (6.1875 by 8.5). Choose standard size if you'd like to use our mailing services or if you have a bulk mail permit. Only choose EDDM size if you will prepare the mailing on your own.


Mailing services

Churches ordering two-sided standard sized cards can add our mailing services. This means we will work with you to determine mailing areas, and take care of all addressing, sorting, and paperwork and even deliver your mail. It provides a turn key solution. This costs 3 cents per piece, with additional costs for special mailing lists if requested. This is not postage. That will still be payable to the US Postal service.

We can use your bulk mail permit, or if you'd like to fill out some paperwork, you can send mail using our bulk mail permit. Adding mailing services will result in the lowest possible postage cost. 

Postcard Pricing

See our pricing chart.

See pricing package examples.


Any freight charges will be determined by location and mailing type. Prices on the ordering website do not include any freight costs. Because of the variables involved, we cannot determine freight costs until your job is complete. The costs will be straight pass through from UPS.


Orders must be placed before the deadline. This does not mean that you have to have all your reverse copy details done by then. Just make sure you order your type and quantity of postcards.

No order cancellations after the deadline.


After your cards are delivered, you will be invoiced for them. Late payments will incur a late fee. 


Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us.